Kamila Dvořáková


If you ask me “what do you do?” I have to say that, primarily, I breathe. Just like you, that is what I do all day and night long! And to me, breath is such a beautiful reminder of how to stay in the present moment fully and openly. Receiving nourishment with each inhale and letting go of what’s not needed with each exhale. I love the breath!! So, what do I do for “life work”? As you might have guessed, I am a mindfulness educator, but also a mindfulness researcher, currently collaborating with the Charles University in Prague, the Czech National Institute for Mental Health, and Pennsylvania State University. In 2017, I received a doctorate in human development from Pennsylvania State University with a focus on implementation of prevention and intervention programs. My current “life mission” is to spark an awareness about the need for self-care practices, such as mindfulness, compassion, and self-inquiry, and inspire people to bring these practices into their daily life. Most recently, I have created a project that focuses on stress prevention in teachers in the Czech Republic and am collaborating on other projects related to self-care and mindfulness with Czech and American youth. I look forward to meeting you and breathing with you :)